Lighthouse Drop in Centre

The Lighthouse drop in centre is open every Friday from 11am - 2pm, in Hall 2 and the lounge as well as the forecourt (weather permitting) at Louth Methodist Church.

We are working with a number of organisations to ensure support gets to the right place: including Echo, The Hope Centre and The Salvation Army.

As a result of the generous support of so many local people, as well as working with Aldi we now have a stock of surplus food for those in need as well as a space to relax in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Refreshments are free although you are of course welcome to give us a donation if you are able. Every week there will be a range of items "free to a good home" that have been donated, including books, toys and other items. We are able to signpost people to a range of services and provide an ongoing pastoral service to anyone who wants to use the facility. We are open to receive donations of sleeping bags, warm clothing, toiletries and other essentials, every Friday morning.

For further information follow us on facebook or contact Mark Harrison on 01507 327373 or email