Church Family Worker

Church and Family Worker

We are pleased to announce our new Church and Family Worker is Mark Harrison, who many people will know already from his involvement with Exalt, Grimoldby Breakfast Church or Lighthouse.

Mark was born near Leicester but has been in Lincolnshire for 31 years. He has been married to Margaret for 40 years and has 3 wonderful children who are all settled locally with their families. He first received an accolade for his poetry aged 12 years old and still lists poetry as a hobby alongside





and Puddings !

He has previously served as National Secretary for the Association of Methodist Scout & Guide Leaders which should stand him in good stead for making closer links with our uniformed organisations.

The current situation is making it difficult for Mark to hit the ground running but he has a wealth of ideas, so watch this space for events and activities to support him with.

Mark Harrison pictured whilst fossil hunting.

Mark Harrison pictured whilst fossil hunting.